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Taking a crack at my first professional resume

Alright folks, I’ve finally done it. I’ve retooled, re-worked, fiddled with, edited, and redesigned my resume. In the past, it wasn’t as important how my resume looked or what all it included because I felt pretty proud of myself just for having one in the first place. After all, applying in high school for a part time job at the mall wasn’t quite as rigorous as trying to find my place in the professional world, so I didn’t stress over the details so much.

But the time has come for a fancy-schmancy, formal resume. I posted it on its own page – please take a look and give me your input. I hope it avoids any of the 7 deadly sins of resume design, which includes the sin of using pink strawberry-scented paper, a la Elle in Legally Blonde. If it stinks, let me know how it could be improved. If it’s brilliant, forward it along to someone who might be interested! Either way, feedback would be much appreciated!


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