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Can I renovate if I never really finished…novating?

A few weeks ago I launched myself into the blogosphere with some ideas in my head as to what kind of content I would include in my blog. Namely, I set up a blog to record my educational and career-related activities and provide a central place to access samples of my work. Last week I moved blog hosts and am in the process of figuring out how to work with WordPress. I’m also endeavoring to incorporate more of my own thoughts and reactions to trends and news within the industries which interest me, as well as simply journaling my reflections on what I’m still in the process of learning in my coursework at the university.

 In the meantime, I’ve been considering what topics will find a home here in my little blog land. Because I’m learning and therefore modifying/expanding my interests every day I can’t commit to specifics, but I assume I will be predominantly discussing the following:

Nonprofit Fundraising and Donor Relations

Design Trends

Event Planning and Hospitality

Public Relations


 I’m still on a quest to find a good event planning blog (or three) to follow in hopes of getting a better peek into that industry.

As before, please bear with as I get the hang of this.


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Why the Title?

So, this title of mine, what’s that about? Why “A Swallow in Spring”? Well, I was born in April, and my mother likes to say that every year the swallows return for the spring just in time for my birthday. We like to pretend they are flying back to the birdhouse under our roof not in response to the dictation of their migration patterns, but purely to celebrate my birth.

And now, like the swallows, I am gearing up to head back to Portland late this spring to enter into that phase of my life that involves the terrifying and electrifying thought of stepping out into the so-called “real-world.” With this realization comes a barrage of questions. Am I taking the right classes? Am I doing the right activities? Where will I live? Where should I apply for a job? Where can I get a deal on a fabulous interview suit? When all is said and done, will I have what it takes?

That said, the main point of this blog is to present an accurate, interactive, and accessible overview of my academic and personal achievements, characteristics, and experiences, as well as to document this transitional stage from a personal standpoint.

Here’s to a fabulous senior year. Cheers!

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