Event design tip: swap party themes

I found this great idea on today’s Hostess with the Mostess blog. It’s a wedding-themed Halloween party. I’m sure we’ve all heard of themed weddings (country western, anyone?) but in my opinion, it’s best to stick with a more traditional approach to such a memorable occasion. Nobody wants to look back on their wedding like that trendy tattoo you got one alcohol-fueled night in college – tacky, dated, and oh-so-irreversable. But that’s why this party theme is oh so fun! You can have a crazy wedding with none of the “this is the happiest, most important day of your ENTIRE LIFE” pressure.

In the nonprofit industry, I think there are plenty of opportunities to – taking this as inspiration – expand beyond the basic dinner & auction template. I wonder what other events you could swap around? For example, what about a “baby shower” to benefit a nonprofit working with young mothers? The key is finding something to make your event unique, memorable, and on-mission with the organization.

Does anyone have any experiences with theme-swaps like this? I’d be happy to hear about it!

Image courtesy of hostessblog.com


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