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I’m Getting Over It…I’m Getting Back!

Oh blogosphere, I’ve missed you.

After graduation, I knew I couldn’t keep a “student” blog, and the longer I waited to update, the more intimidated I was by the task of getting caught up, reporting on life/career changes, and retooling the layout. Here is my compromise: I force myself to start posting, and have faith that the rest will follow.

A lot has happened for me in the few brief months I’ve been away:

  • I graduated, magna cum laude, from the University of Oregon School of Journalism & Communication and passed with honors on my thesis. Yippee!
  • I landed a job as a Development & Events Associate for a local arts nonprofit. Yippee!
  • I moved back to Portland. Yippee!
  • My mom moved to San Francisco to pursue her Masters in Divinity at SF Theological Seminary. We’re so proud of her, but we miss her! So it’s a bittersweet “Yippee!”
  • My honey of nearly 6 years asked me to marry him. I said “YES!” Yippee, of course!

So, naturally, you can understand why I’ve shyed away from the task of reporting all this. Nor could I simply omit it and ignore some of the most life/career impacting events of my young existence. So look for more thorough updates on those events.

I’ve already got a few ideas stashed away for upcoming posts on fundraising and development, and, naturally, wedding/event planning. I realize at this point my readership has probably diminished to almost nobody, but I determined to – even if I have to start all over from scratch – once again make this a spot for the exchange of ideas, advice, questions, and just plain fun stuff.

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