Phil – Love

Anthro – People

Party – (duh)

Philanthropy is more than giving money away. It is a genuine love for mankind, and a desire to make the human existence better. Philanthropy happens in a variety of ways. It can be the donation of time, money, or in-kind goods to organizations that seek to fight poverty, preserve art and culture, or improve healthcare.  I also believe true philanthropy encompasses all actions and expressions of love for our neighbors, our environment, and ourselves.  It’s wanting better, and doing something. Even if that something is simply smiling at a stranger.

Cheesy? Yeah. But what’s the alternative?

Philanthroparty will cover general topics in philanthropy and positive event planning – i.e. planning experiences that benefit participants, the nonprofit hosting them, and the communities and environment around them. And, as I said, I don’t want to limit philanthropy to the nonprofit sector. In my book, it could range from simply hosting a dinner party for the friends you haven’t seen in forever because you’re all “just too busy” to a star-studded gala to a fresh-air-and-sunshine walkathon. And there’s no reason not to have fun with it – whether that means kooky floral arrangements, inventive recipes, or think-outside-the-box entertainment.

So party on Wayne! Party on Garth! And, as my high school English teacher always said:

“Be good humans.”


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