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Taking a (spring) break


I am leaving tomorrow to head down to Mexico on my annual mission trip with my church to build houses for impoverished families. Amor Ministries is the nonprofit organization that organizes these trips, and my church has been doing this for about 15 years I think. This is my 8th year; I started my freshman year of high school (the first time I was old enough to go) and have been going ever since.

This year, I’ve been asked to be a site leader, which entails the additional responsibility (beyond being an adult leader, as I have been for the previous 3 years) of leading a team of approximately 20-25 high school students and adults in constructing a home. Yikes! I was reluctant to accept but decided I was ready to step up and challenge myself. I know how to swing a hammer, but I’m no toolman, so I’m a bit nervous! How do I tell other people what to do when I’m still not sure myself much of the time? I trust the judgment of the trip leaders – I figure they wouldn’t ask me if they didn’t think I couldn’t do it. But it’s still intimidating – the other 3 sites leaders for our group of 60+ are all men twice my age with a lot of experience. Not only do I feel as though I’m still just a kid, I wasn’t born with that Y-chromosome that makes me know how to tinker with stuff like my dad can.

I’m excited for the opportunity to lead the group this way, and I have high aspirations for my team. I think we can build a really good, strong home for a deserving family and have a fun, safe experience doing it.

Please, please wish me luck!! I’ll be back in two weeks with the outcome!

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