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The job safari

I was about to write “job hunt” as my title but decided safari was a better description. When hunting, you go out, sit in the woods for a bit, and probably shoot at the first thing you see (apologies to hunters for my simplification). But I don’t think that’s what I want to aim for (no pun intended) in searching for my first real Job.

Instead, I think I might make it more of a safari – go out and explore; see what all is out there in this great big grown-up-people world. I want to observe and learn and appreciate the environment. This is not to say I intend to be wishy-washy or flit from job to job. No no. Instead, I want to gain an understanding that will allow me to be consciously dedicated in all I do.

 So, the question is this: how do I book so-called safari adventure? I’m overwhelmed with the whole process and have no clue how to find a good starting job. I’m not asking for too much – just enough to pay the rent and maybe buy a cute pair of shoes now and then. And, at least for now, I’m limited to the Portland area.

I’m looking for something entry-level in event planning for corporate and nonprofit events. What’s really important to me as well is to work strategically and creatively to develop events that help meet organization goals and also rock. Of course, I would be foolish to think my first run out of the gates will land me in the plush job I dream of – and I wouldn’t want that anyway. In that scenario, I would have little opportunity to grow and broaden my experiences.

My advisor and instructor, Kelli Matthews, just pointed out to me – an aggregate job search engine. Other than that, I’m doing at the hunt-and-peck method.

Leads, anyone?

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