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Design boards

Snippet & Ink is a blog providing “daily wedding inspiration” but I think that many of the ideas could be translated to special events in general. I dig these beautiful design boards that Kathryn puts together, complete with mood and color palette.

  I need to learn how to make these – it really is artful the way everything goes together. They remind me of my (very modest by comparison) brand book that I put together last term as for the re-branding of Arm & Hammer (a class assignment; see it on my portfolio page). They both attempt to convey a unique brand, flavor, or identity through the engagement of multiple senses (smells, tastes, colors, etc.), whether it’s a newly-married couple or laundry detergent. A wedding is perhaps one of the most emotional and personal events, but I think that through strategic branding and defined goals to build relationships, even a seemingly blah organization can put on a personal, memorable event. Images courtesy of Snippet & Ink 


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Blog Crushes


New as I am to the blogosphere, I’m fast becoming enamoured of some awesome blogs out there. They take the words out of my mouth and then add about a bajillion-times better insights, or they say things I hadn’t even thought of. Their posts rock my world, ’nuff said.

I’m feeling like that dorky loser freshman with a crush on the varsity football player. He’s so hot! He’s so cool! He’s so out of my league! Does he even know I exist? And if he did, would he even care?

This week, my blog crush is Lara at ready 2 spark. She mixes creative, fantastical design inspiration with sophisticated strategic planning advice. I’m addicted already.

Can I please be her?

Photo image still from Sixteen Candles, courtesy of

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