I’m still alive

Things have been getting crazier and crazier, so I apologize for abandoning my blog temporarily. Never fear, my mind is still a-teeming with thought. Unfortunately, much of it is being diverted into my honors thesis. In fact, today I am doing my first interview with the Development Director for a local non-profit – I’m going to pick her brain about how events fit into strategic development plans and address some more specific questions on young professional donors and how events may appeal to them.

I’m nervous! But it’s time. I gotta do it. I’m also delighted to have a great response from other board members and staff from the organization to fill out my case study quite nicely. Like I said, it’s keeping me all rather busy, leaving it hard to find time to blog, look for/apply for jobs, and get everything else in order for my impending graduation. Not that I want to complain. I’m just making excuses for being so dormant on the blogging, because I’m hoping once this is all over I’ll be back with some really exciting new thoughts.

On a rather unrelated note, this past weekend I celebrated my 22nd birthday. I feel much older, in a good way. I had a fun party and spent time with my friends and loved ones. What more could I ask for?

And yes, my mom called last week to say the swallows were back.


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