Event design tip: think outside the table

While in search of something to lighten up the academic-ness of my postings lately (“academic-ness” probably did it already though), I saw this fun idea for table settings from Hostess With The Mostess. The tables are made to look like beds by using pillows and sheets to decorate. Clever.

So I thought a little bit about how often I see pictures of events with the same cookie cutter round tables or looooong banquet tables. The centerpieces may vary, but they’re still the same table. Although with a large group it would probably be a challenge to veer from the ordinary, with a smaller group it would be fun to consider alternatives to the traditional table & chair arrangement. Practicality shouldn’t always bow to novelty, but in the right setting something completely different could make a big impact. I’m thinking bigger than pillow cases and sheets – although that’s a good start as it gives the illusion of being more than a plain table. What about bringing in natural elements like sturdy driftwood for guests to perch on? Or incorporating scrap building materials for tables? As a kid I always thought those giant spools that electrical wires and hoses come on would make a perfect table for my backyard fort. I’m just brainstorming here folks – no need to tell me the risk of splinters or the logistical barriers to bringing in the remains of a building demolition. If we ignored all the reasons not to do something, just for a minute, what creative ideas would our minds surprise us with?

I wonder…

Image courtesy of Hostess With The Mostess


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    […] Event Design tip: Think outside the Table @ SwallowSpecialEvents […]

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    Julius said,

    Great ideas and insights.

    In a profession that sometimes makes us look as computers creativity is what makes the difference!



  3. 3

    Ryza said,

    yeah, I agree. Creative indeed.

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