Saving room for some fun

I don’t want my blog to end up just cataloguing my thoughts on academia and my own graduation story. Instead, I’d like to make an effort to post a few fun things here and there – just little things I happen upon in my day-to-day browse through the blogosphere and goings-on in the real world. Pretty things, clever things, funny things, whatever. I’ll maintain some focus by keeping it somewhat centered in event planning and design, but might take some liberties here and there if I simply can’t resist.Photo

First up: While checking out The Dieline blog, I saw these Glacia premium water boxes. Much better for the environment than bottled water (fully recyclable materials and significantly less plastic) and still posh, i.e. not tap water. Hide them behind the bar at an event and guests can still enjoy premium water while exacting less of an environmental toll. Read more about them here.


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