Event Design Tip: Think Like A Consultant

I was introduced to this blog by my PR advisor and professor, Kelli Matthews, at the School of Journalism and Communication. This particular post provided me with excellent insight into what it is that I think I want to do. It concerns design in business generally, but I would venture it applies perfectly well to the field of event design. The author, Neil Tortorella, discusses the virtues of thinking and working like a consultant with clients, rather than taking on projects on a one-shot basis. Tortorella explains:

“The thing is, just because a client asks for a whatever, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what they really need. By asking questions and digging deep, you can offer ideas that will help your clients meet their goals. You add value to your relationship. You become a needed resource.”
I certainly agree; taking a step back to really evaluate the client’s position, rather than just drafting up a proposal to meet their request, will likely yield more fruitful results, both for the designer AND the client. In turn, this may generate a stronger, mutually-beneficial, and potentially long-term business relationship – something I aspire to continually pursue in my future career.

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    ready2spark said,

    Fantastic blog & great advice.
    I couldn’t agree more about being an advisor to your client (there’s actually a great book on this called ‘The Trusted Advisor’). Order taking can be done by virtually anyone. In fact, your competitors are probably doing that very well. It takes creative and strategic thinking to not only build partnerships, but create impermeable relationships.
    I wrote about the busines of branding a while ago. I would love to see more thought put into how to reinforce the brand through the touchpoints of an event instead of how to make the event look ‘on trend’.

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